CM Download Manager Pro Edition Changelog

Version 3.17.10 22nd Nov 2018

  • Added an option to show only administrators in author filter list
  • Added an option to set the default value to allow specific files download
  • Fixed script to show all downloads when page is loaded
  • Fixed delete button in file list
  • Fixed download button script on single page (when password exists)
  • Fixed filename issue for packages
  • Fixed search by tags bug
  • Fixed read more link bug in files list
  • Fixed a global post variable conflict on download page

Version 3.17.9 25th Sep 2018

  • Fixed a bug with edit page access
  • Added an option to allow showing of uncategorized downloads
  • Fixed a bug with shortcodes query filter

Version 3.17.8 13th Sep 2018

  • Added ‘Display only admin downloads to users’ option
  • Fixed an error with categories allowed roles
  • Added an option for choosing the way of finding file’s mime type.

Version 3.17.7 30th Aug 2018

  • Added an option for category to set upload/edit/delete roles permissions
  • Added an option to choose an action on Upload button click (open frame or redirect to a page)

Version 3.17.6 25th Aug 2018

  • Fixed link parser warning
  • Added filter support for united list of admin and user files in Client Zone addon

Version 3.17.5 19th Aug 2018

  • Fixed download form for protected files

Version 3.17.4 31st July 2018

  • Added option to set limit exporting logs
  • Fixed truncated description of downloads list in front and added read more link instead and an option in settings to limit description words appearance by default.
  • Added a new field “Notes” in Add Download Form.
  • Updated the Licensing Package

Version 3.17.3 7th June 2018

  • fixing the option ‘Disable index page’ with deprecated php ver 5.4

Version 3.17.2 5th June 2018

  • Fix bug in client done download buttons display

Version 3.17.1 27th May 2018

  • Added support for new labels.
  • Made the search bar visibility dependent on the plugin settings.
  • Fixed PHP warning in form element validation method.

Version 3.16.0 22nd Apr 2018

  • Remove deprecated create_function() usage.
  • Added support for new labels.
  • Fixed issue with downloading file in IE browser
  • Fix dashicons issue in loadScripts function in BaseController (yoast seo conflict)
  • Commented login link on login widget

Version 3.16.0 22nd Apr 2018

  • Added option allowing users with a specific WordPress capability to editing the other users downloads.
  • Fixed the dashicons issue.

Version 3.15.8 12th Apr 2018

  • Fixed issue with updated version.

Version 3.15.7 10th Apr 2018

  • Removed login link on login widget.

Version 3.15.6 29th Mar 2018

  • Fixed bug with showing the download button on the cmdm-files-list (also in Client Zone addon) when admin requires to enter the user’s name and email.

Version 3.15.5 7th Mar 2018

  • Fixed showing author on the sidebar widget on the single download page.
  • Fixed division by zero fatal error.

Version 3.15.4 12th Feb 2018

  • Fixed checking mime type on non existing files.
  • Fixed PHP warning in the view files.

Version 3.15.3 5th Feb 2018

  • Fixed PHP fatal error in cmdm-files-list shortcode.
  • Updated licensing library.

Version 3.15.2 30th Jan 2018

  • Fixed problem with disappearing downloads that occurred after a download has been updated and visibility=author then the allowed users list wasn’t updated properly.
  • Added the update script to fix the problem in the existing downloads.

Version 3.15.1 22nd Jan 2018

  • Fixed bug with “No downloads” message when parent category is empty but it has children

Version 3.15.0 19th Dec 2017

  • Added new params to the cmdm shortcode.
  • Added download’s ID column to wp-admin.
  • Added download’s ID to the upload form.

Version 3.14.1 4th Dec 2017

  • Fixed issue with licensing library

Version 3.14.0 22nd Nov 2017

  • Added option to parse shortcodes in the download’s description.
  • Added shortcodes whitelist.
  • Added information about allowing to upload all file types.
  • Fixed order param in cmdm-index shortcode.
  • Updated licensing library.
  • Changed related to the payments addon.

Version 3.13.0 8th Nov 2017

  • Added fancybox to show the full image for a download in cmdm-files-list shortcode.
  • Fixed issue with labels and added new one.
  • Prevent from using preview URL without authorization.
  • Added nofollow to the login links.
  • Fixed cmdm-login-form shortcode.

Version 3.12.0 17th Oct 2017

  • Added metabox with the shortcodes description and the download ID.
  • Added option to show the shortcodes description also on the upload page.
  • Added new labels.

Version 3.11.0 4th Oct 2017

  • Fixed issue with files list shortcode JS filter.
  • Fixed issue with license page not showing.
  • Fixed issue with showing file upload when using only URL type.
  • Fixed custom CSS field.
  • Added Download button next to the “Open” button on the files list.
  • Added new labels.
  • CSS enhancements.

Version 3.10.0 21st Sep 2017

  • Added option to prevent adding the file name to the download form action URL in order to fix some issues with nginx server.
  • Added new cmdm-files-list shortcode’s parameter: desctrimwords.
  • Updated shortcodes description page.

Version 3.9.0 12th Sep 2017

  • Added new shortcode cmdm-login-form.
  • Added new labels.

Version 3.8.0 25th Aug 2017

  • Added email notifications for admin after user uploaded a file and the moderator emails templates.
  • Added email notification for user after moderator accepted/rejected his file.
  • Added a check if WordPress sends emails properly.
  • Added new labels.

Version 3.7.0 11th July 2017

  • Added loader animation on the upload page and hiding the submit button until the file is not completely uploaded.
  • Added new shortcode parameter newcard=0 in the cmdm-file-list to prevent downloading file in a new window.

Version 3.6.0 5th June 2017

  • Updated licensing package.
  • Fixed WP Super Cache issue.

Version 3.5.6 28th April 2017

  • Fixed issue with password settings.
  • Fixed HTML bug on sidebar.
  • Fixed issue with social icons

Version 3.5.5 22nd April 2017

  • CSS improvements – added new look and feel style.

Version 3.5.4 11th April 2017

  • Fixed the download/upload limit issue.
  • Fixed removing attachments when deleting the download.
  • Changes related with the CMDM Download Zone Addon modification.

Version 3.5.3 6th April 2017

  • Fixed some issues that occur on PHP 7.1.x.

Version 3.5.2 30th Mar 2017

  • Fixed the issue with downloads protected by password.
  • Fixed issue with social login after Facebook updated its API version.

Version 3.5.0 29th Mar 2017

  • Added download limiting option for users and guests.
  • Added upload limiting option for users.
  • Added option to protect each download in a specific category by password.

Version 3.4.2 22nd Mar 2017

  • Fixed issue with import feature not working.

Version 3.4.1 18th Mar 2017

  • Fixed content-length header issue when downloading multiple chosen attachments.

Version 3.4.0 12th Mar 2017

  • Changed related to the EDD Payments Addon.
  • Fixed issue with allowing zip file on the upload page.

Version 3.3.0 2nd Mar 2017

  • Added option to download only specific files by ZIP archive from the multi-files resources.
  • Disabled showing by default the changelog field on the upload form.
  • Fixed bug on the upload page related to the access fields visibility.
  • Fixed permission issue.
  • Changes related to the PeepSo integration addon.
  • CSS adjustments.

Version 3.2.3 10th Feb 2017

  • Fixed bug related to visibility permissions.

Version 3.2.2 1st Feb 2017

  • Fixed issue with long Disclaimer overflowing the browser’s window.
  • Added possibility to use multiple comma separated users IDs in the cmdm-files-list shortcode for the author parameter.

Version 3.2.1 24th Jan 2017

  • Added new shortcode param [cmdm-filest-list showdata=1]
  • Added option to use simple textarea instead wp rich text editor on the upload page

Version 3.2.0 16th Dec 2016

  • Added viewing permission option by WP role (global setting and per download setting).
  • Fixed issue with JS in settings.

Version 3.1.1 30th Nov 2016

  • CSS fix for the download button.

Version 3.1.0 29th Nov 2016

  • Added an additional style “2016” for the front-end pages which can be changed in the plugin settings.

Version 3.0.4 15th Nov 2016

  • Fixed PHP error in the support forum.

Version 3.0.3 25th Oct 2016

  • Fixed issue with download logs.
  • Added new labels.
  • Added categories column in the wp-admin -> CM Downloads table.

Version 3.0.2 15th Sep 2016

  • Fixed issue with WPML.
  • Added new labels.

Version 3.0.1 27th July 2016

  • Fixed licensing issue ignoring AJAX requests.
  • Fixed screenshots issue.

Version 3.0.0 21st July 2016

  • Improved the settings page interface.
  • Added theme customizer.
  • Updated licensing library.
  • Added search bar to the index page (to enable in settings).
  • Version 2.5.11 25th June 2016

    • Fixed setting the category icon issue.
    • Fixed setting the default screenshot.
    • Added body CSS class .cmdm-body on every CMDM page.

    Version 2.5.10 16th June 2016

    • Fixed integration with CM Video Lessons.

    Version 2.5.9 24th May 2016

    • Updated license package and dashboard.
    • Added option to keep the original file name.

    Version 2.5.8 19th April 2016

    • Fixed issues related to new WordPress version 4.5
    • SQL optimizations.
    • Toggling file list shortcode categories tree.
    • Widget updates.

    Version 2.5.7 03rd April 2016

    • Updated licensing api support.
    • Added option to place the download button on different areas.
    • Layout and CSS improvements.
    • Fixed error with dashboard.

    Version 2.5.6 20th March 2016

    • Updated licensing api support.
    • Added first category by default

    Version 2.5.5 1th Mar 2016

    • Fixed the licensing issue causing the AJAX didn’t work.

    Version 2.5.4 3rd Mar 2016

    • Fixed licensing API issue

    Version 2.5.3 25th Feb 2016

    • Fixed css issue

    Version 2.5.2 25th Feb 2016

    • Added automatic updates from plugin dashboard
    • Replaced plugin admin interface including license activation and userguide

    2.5.1 Build 16th Feb 2016

    • Fixed inactive JavaScript issue on the download page.

    2.5.0 Build 8th Feb 2016

    Major version change. If you are using user groups please make a backup before updating plugin

    • Migrated from using term_id to term_taxonomy_id in the associations.
    • Fixed issue with searching by tag name.
    • Updated licensing api support.
    • Added cmdm-files-list shortcode parameter to toggle the categories tree.
    • Added cmdm-files-list shortcode parameter to show empty categories.
    • Added author filter to the cmdm-files-list shortcode and displaying the download author on the list.
    • Fixed cmdm-files-list searching when the category is restricted.
    • Fixed issue with visibility filter per download for users groups.
    • Fixed cmdm files list shortcode logic.
    • Improved the performance.
    • Updated French translation, added new translation keys.
    • Fixed some PHP warnings.
    • Fixed counting total posts.
    • Fixed counting posts for category.
    • Added category icon feature.
    • Added option to allow specific users to download the file per download.
    • Added new param scroll=1 to the cmdm-files-list shortcode.
    • Added created and modified date to the exported CSV file.
    • Fixed import timeout issue.
    • Enabled simple screenshots uploader for users that have no access to the WP Media feature.
    • Added new option – bypass PHP for files larger than entered file size.
    • Added tags filter in the cmdm-files-list shortcode.
    • Added new shortcode cmdm-files-list-link.
    • Added two-level category filter for the cmdm-files-list shortcode.
    • Added option to display children when searching categories.
    • Improved screenshots slideshow JS and style for small screens.
    • Added title option to the download bytton’s widget.
    • Preventing from displaying CMDM files on the WP Media pages.
    • Using checkboxes instead of multiple select box when choosing user groups permissions.

    2.4.0 Build 30th Nov 2015

    • Added icons support for categories.
    • Added new categories list view displayed on the index page with the settings option.
    • Added option to place the index page controls below the categories list.
    • Added navigation highlighting
    • Fixed issue with AJAX categories loading.
    • Fixed Top Downloads widget posts ordering.
    • Fixed issue with displaying index page.
    • CSS improvements.

    2.3.2 Build 13th Nov 2015

    • Added scrolling after search in the cmdm-file-list shortcode.
    • Added option to set first image as a thumbnail automatically.
    • Improved category tree on the upload page.
    • Fixed log issue when downloading single attachment.
    • Added user groups filter in the admin dashboard.
    • Improved user interface when choosing the restricted user groups for a category.
    • CSS fix.

    2.3.1 Build 23rd Oct 2015

    • Added admin notice to add Download Button Widget to sidebar.
    • New user groups UI
    • New sorting option “manual” by post menu_order.
    • Made download’s files sortable.
    • Preview only single attachment if chosen.
    • Small fixes.

    2.3.0 Build 07th Oct 2015

    • Added upload button in the cmdm-files-list shortcode and new parameter to enable it: upload=1.
    • Added option to put the agreement to accept on the upload page before user will add his files.
    • Fixed the visibility filter issue.
    • Added the report button to allow users to report the downloads.
    • Added extra widget areas on the download page.
    • Fixed PHP warning.
    • Integration with the CM Video Lessons Manager – displaying chosen channel on the download page.
    • Added option to make the Video Lessons tab visible by default.
    • Changes for the CM User Registration For Download Manager addon.
    • Integration with CM Answers – replacing the support feature with the CMA category.
    • Fixed issue with filtering.
    • Changes for the CM Anonymous Upload addon.
    • Added a new cmdm-files-list parameter: details=0/1.

    2.2.9 Build 04st Sep 2015

    • Fixed the access control issue.
    • Updated the licensing API client.

    2.2.8 Build 21st Aug 2015

    • Fix on the logs report page.
    • Fixed the access restriction issue.
    • Fixed import feature.
    • Fixed video preview in files list.
    • Fixed issue with AJAX request URL.
    • Added new param “view” for the cmdm-categories-tree shortcode.
    • Added Custom comment type filter for logs on the WP comments page.
    • Added options to enter the page template names manually.

    2.2.7 Build 07th Aug 2015

    • Added new shortcode: cmdm-my-logs
    • Add global option to make video tab default visible.
    • Fixed JS issue which occurs on new jQuery version.
    • Fixed issue with sorting download by rating.
    • Fixed a JavaScript bug on the upload page

    2.2.6 Build 30th July 2015

    • Added Italian translation.
    • Added new translations terms.
    • Fixed duplicated video issue.
    • Fixed duplicated screenshots issue.
    • Fixed upload page bug.
    • Fixed the jPlayer issue with multiple players.
    • Fixed issue with displaying audio player for each attachment.
    • Fixed displaying tag page in the categories’ view.

    2.2.5 Build 24th July 2015

    • Fixed the tags page issue.
    • Added new translations terms.

    2.2.4 Build 21st July 2015

    • Fixed issue with downloading the *.php files which has interfered with the multisite’s rewrite rules.
    • Fixed issue with visibility filter.
    • Changed the “Categories” labels into unique “CMDM Categories”.
    • Fixed the WP SEO custom taxonomy’s title issue.
    • CSS improvements.

    2.2.3 Build 03th July 2015

    • Fixed fopen() PHP error.

    2.2.2 Build 20th June 2015

    • Added new parameters to the cmdm-files-list shortcode.
    • Fixed the pagination numbering.
    • Fixed the downloads visibility issue.
    • Fixed the recursive counting downloads for categories.
    • CSS improvements.

    2.2.1 Build 11th June 2015

    • Fixed the issue with the download’s page title.
    • CSS improvements.

    2.2.0 Build 4th June 2015

    • Added option to disable the index page, downloads pages and the dashboard index.
    • Added new download’s visibility mode “Author”.
    • Fixed the redirection after wrong password has been entered.
    • Fixed the update script.
    • Fixed the editor issue.
    • Fixed issue with thumbnails.
    • Added CSS classes for the upload page form’s fields.
    • CSS improvements.

    2.1.8 Build 14th May 2015

    • Added downloads sorting on the index page.
    • Added a label.

    2.1.7 Build 08th May 2015

    • Added support for choosing screenshots from WP Media Library.
    • Removed the wpautop filter from the dashboard pages.
    • Fixed a JavaScript error which caused a several issues.
    • Added option to disable screenshots slideshow that uses jQuery Tools which is causing a conflict on some websites.

    2.1.6 Build 04th May 2015

    • Fixed JavaScript issue
    • Added new cmdm-index shortcode’s parameter “alldownloads” to hide the “All Downloads” link on the category list.

    2.1.5 Build 22nd Apr 2015

    • FIx potential XSS issue

    2.1.4 Build 20th Apr 2015

    • Improved My Files dashboard page: added pagination and search input.
    • Added option to hide downloads number and views number.
    • Fixed issues related to the cmdm-files-list shortcode.
    • CSS improvements.
    • Fixed PHP warning.

    2.1.3 Build 10th Apr 2015

    • Added the cmdm-files-list param “category” to filter downloads by specified category slug.
    • Some JS optimizations.
    • Fixed issue with requiring name and email on cmdm-files-list shortcode.
    • Fixed issue with displaying video player on cmdm-files-list shortcode.

    2.1.2 Build 2nd Apr 2015

    • Added option to display downloads in categories not recursively.
    • Fixed PHP warning.

    2.1.1 Build 23rd Mar 2015

    • Fixed issue with page templates.

    2.1.0 Build 20th Mar 2015

    • Support for page templates.
    • Added notifications about uploads per category support.
    • Fixed issue with licensing API caching.

    2.0.18 Build 13th Mar 2015

    • Added shortcode to display all downloads as a list including the download buttons and preview.
    • Added labels support on the upload page for Description, Changelog and Installation.

    2.0.17 Build 27th Feb 2015

    • Added new shortcodes: cmdm-header, cmdm-content, cmdm-details, cmdm-download.
    • Added option to hide the login form and leave the social login.
    • Added the sidebar login widget.
    • Added category creator on the upload page (if enabled in settings).
    • Fixed issue with displaying the restricted categories on the upload page.
    • Fixed CSS issue with non-displaying downloads’ thumbnails.
    • Improved the settings options grouping.

    2.0.16 Build 18th Feb 2015

      Added new shortcodes: CMDM-header, CMDM-content, CMDM-details, CMDM-download.
    • Added option to make the download description not mandatory.

    2.0.15 Build 17th Feb 2015

    • Added Facebook Share Button.
    • Fixed “Back to All Downloads” link.
    • Fixed issue with managing screenshots.
    • Added separate label for the download button for the URL download type.
    • Fixed the Micropayments integration issue.

    2.0.14 Build 08th Feb 2015

    • Added option to embed noindex meta tag on the non-canonical pages.
    • Fixed PHP warning in Dashboard.

    2.0.13 Build 28th Jan 2015

    • Added option to manage access for the server-side file browser available on the upload page.
    • Added option to place the download block on top.
    • Added option to hide the description on the download page.
    • Improvement of the htaccess file which protects the cmdm directory from browsing.
    • Added notice about preview option when using the htaccess protection.
    • Settings page improvement.

    2.0.12 Build 21st Jan 2015

    • Added dashboard menu icons.
    • Added responsive CSS.
    • Modified the sidebar border CSS.

    2.0.11 Build 20th Jan 2015

    • Added access restriction for download ability and using preview/player.
    • Added access restriction to the support thread page.
    • Added tags and screenshots to the CSV export/import.
    • Added new labels.
    • Fixed issue with screenshots.
    • Fixed issue with upload view.
    • Fixed CSS issue.

    2.0.10 Build 10th Dec 2014

    • Fixed registering sidebars.
    • Changed the view options into the dropdown.
    • CSS improvements.

    2.0.9 Build 8th Dec 2014

    • Fixed bug with default image upload.

    2.0.8 Build 4th Dec 2014

    • Added email notifications support about grated access to a download.
    • Fixed the CSS issue.

    2.0.7 Build 01st Dec 2014

    • Added nonce verification after forms submitting to prevent CSRF (CWE-352).
    • Updated Russian translation.
    • Changed the view toggle links into dropdown.

    2.0.6 Build 27th Nov 2014

    • Fixed the update checking script.
    • Added Server Information about overridden template directory.
    • Fixed issue with edit form (uploading screenshots).
    • Added View link to the edit form.
    • Fixed the issue with AJAX-based shortcodes.
    • Fixed setting the downloads number when adding new download.
    • Fixed displaying the success/error messages in the dashboard.

    2.0.5 Build 18th Nov 2014

    • Fixed a bug with the license update check

    2.0.4 Build 10th Nov 2014

    • Added instructions about protecting the upload directory.
    • Fixed Security Issue (Thanks to Phi, Le Ngoc ).

    2.0.3 Build 23rd Oct 2014

    • Added option to hide author’s uploads counter.
    • Fixed issue with repeating logs when download requires user name and email.

    2.0.1, 2.0.2 Build 21st Oct 2014

    • Fixed bug with screenshots not showing up after upgrade.
    • Added Directory Scanning to the File Import

    2.0.0 Build 15th Oct 2014

    • Added support to export and import downloads using CSV files.
    • Added cmdm-index shortcode to display the Downloads Index page.
    • Added support to moderate new uploads.
    • Added support to notify chosen roles or users groups per category about new downloads.
    • Added support for the featured image thumbnail for download.
    • Added ability to set the MicroPayments points cost per each download.
    • Added links to uploader profile.
    • Added Portuguese translation.
    • Fixed slow query.
    • Fixed sorting in the category view.
    • Fixed the support thread layout.
    • Fixed screenshots repeating.
    • Fixed PHP warning.
    • Fixed some security issues.

    1.9.6 Build 23rd Sep 2014

    • Fixed the categories view.
    • Added tags support.
    • Added cmdm-categories shortcode to display the categories list or tree.
    • Added setting to enable/disable support for the Access Denied custom WP page.
    • Added setting to disable rating.
    • Added setting to hide the author information.
    • Improved the pagination style.

    1.9.5 Build 15th Sep 2014

    • Fixed bug with titles
    • Fixed bug with movie player
    • Hide admin menu for user with manage_options capabilities
    • Added new admin setting to globally enable/disable preview and player options
    • Added custom WP page for the Access Denied error
    • Adding rating stars in the file index
    • Improve the password protection option
    • Improved the category tree display

    1.9.4 Build 18th Aug 2014

    • Added multiple URL support for the single Download page.
    • Added option to choose files directly from the WP upload directory.
    • Added access restrictions for users groups by category.
    • Fixed some issues.

    1.9.3 Build 31st July 2014

    • Added option to hide download URL.
    • Fixed issue with static keyword in PHP 5.3.

    1.9.2 Build 30th July 2014

    • Fixed several bugs

    1.9.1 Build 28th July 2014

    • Fixed bug with multi-file upload
    • Add support to add a file title in case of multiple file uploads
    • fixed a bug with minimum categories
    • Change custom post type record params

    1.9.0 Build 21st July 2014

    Note: This is a major plugin upgrade ! You must deactivate old version before installing and activating new one

    • Added support for the multi-file uploads.
    • Added Trash for downloads in the wp-admin.
    • Added an alternative interface to enter users for groups by choosing from all users list loaded by AJAX.
    • Fixed issues with shortcodes.
    • Fixed issue with editing labels.
    • Fixed conflict with the divi theme.
    • Updated dewplayer.

    1.8.1 Build 2nd July 2014

    • Added option to require browser to download files or allow to open them.
    • Fixed issue with logs and users groups.
    • Updated licensing manager.

    1.8.0 Build 16th June 2014

    • Added support for the CM MicroPayments.
    • Optimization of the groups and permissions.
    • Added SEO options and W3C improvements.
    • Embedding custom CSS on every page to affect the shortcodes.
    • Fixed some conflicts with WordPress SEO by Yoast.
    • Fixed issue with Dashboard display.
    • Fixed issue with screenshots upload.

    1.7.1 Build 12th May 2014

    • Modified interface to enter users in settings to avoid loading all users list.
    • Added option to remove the backlink from the download’s page.
    • Fixed issue with the Top Downloads widget.
    • Moved custom fields settings into the “Download page” tab.
    • Added license support
    • Added update notifications
    • Fixed the problem with php short tags
    • Fixed conflict with WooCommerce
    • Improve plugin settings UX

    1.6.9 Build 18th March 2014

    • Added license support
    • Added update notifications
    • Fixed the problem with php short tags
    • Fixed conflict with WooCommerce
    • Improve plugin settings UEX

    1.6.9 Build 18th March 2014

    • Added support for the multi-level categories.
    • Added support for log downloads with IP geolocation, downloads graph and CSV export.
    • Added the shortcodes support.
    • Added the BuddyPress integration for custom post type ‘cmdm_page’.
    • Added option to require non logged-in users to provide name and email address.
    • Added option to change the downloads sorting order field.
    • Added option to display the WP login link.
    • Added option to disable the screenshots in downloads page.
    • Added option to set the custom HTML wrappers for widgets displayed on the CMDM sidebars.
    • Added Server Information tab in the Downloads Settings.
    • Fixed the problem with searching.
    • Fixed bugs with user groups settings.
    • Make design changes in user dashboard

    1.6.8 Build 22th Feb 2014

    • Fixed the problem with adding more than one user group to the download
    • Fixed the problems with Preview functionality (now it does not show up for unsupported file types)
    • Fixed the bug with access based on user groups

    1.6.7 Build 14th Feb 2014

    • Fixed clearing floats on the CMDM pages
    • Added Server Information tab

    1.6.6 Build 28th Jan 2014

    • Added the BuddyPress integration for custom post type ‘cmdm_page’
    • Fixed the bug when removing the user from one user group – removed them from all of the groups
    • Fixed the rare PHP fatal error
    • Added the Twitter social login options
    • Fixed support page bug
    • Added the information about cURL library missing if it’s not installed

    1.6.5 Build 15th Jan 2014

    • Fixed a bug which appeared after adding the downloads

    1.6.4 Build 28th Dec 2013

    • Fixed another bug with group visibility for guest users

    1.6.3 Build 27th Dec 2013

    • Fixed the Download button bug
    • Changed the group access settings to display all users instead of just ‘subscribers’
    • Fixed a bug with group visibility for guest users

    1.6.2 Build 23rd Dec 2013

    • Fixed the screenshot upload bug with custom permalink
    • Updated the User Guide link

    1.6.1 Build 19th Dec 2013

    • Added the group based access to downloads
    • Fixed the file size error
    • Fixed notifications appearing on some plugin installations
    • Fixed WP “Twenty Thirteen” theme appearance

    1.6.0 Build 20th Nov 2013

    • Added category view
    • Added setting to remove images from download page
    • Added setting to change download page widgets
    • Added movie viewer
    • Added ability to change tabs labels and remove them from download page
    • Added the affiliate programme
    • Added the option to include “Custom CSS”
    • Fixed options “Add Downloads” to site menu and “Add My downloads” to site menu
    • Added error reports when uploads fails
    • Fixed the uploads directory mechanisms
    • Added the option to use built-in audio player

    1.5.9 Build 17th Oct 2013

    • Fixed issues with js files not being loaded using https

    1.5.8 Build 7th Oct 2013

    • Fixed the download issue which occurred with the error_reporting being on

    1.5.7 Build 6th Oct 2013

    • Redesigned and restyled the dashboard
    • Fixed the issue with admin link showing for subscribers
    • Fixed the issue with admin tabs
    • Fixed the bug with download files

    1.5.6 Build 5th Oct 2013

    • Fix PHP shortcode bug

    1.5.5 Build 20th Sep 2013

    • Changed SWFUploader to PLUpload for screenshot uploads
    • Fix bug when unsetting checkbox in edit download

    1.5.3 Build 5th Sep 2013

    • Added social share widget to download page

    1.5.3 Build 5th Sep 2013

    • Added social share widget to download page

    1.5.2 Build 13th Aug 2013

    • Added admin option to set default view (tiles/list)
    • Added switch in frontend to toggle between tiles and list view

    1.5.1 Build 13th Aug 2013

    • Added choice between dewplayer and jPlayer for MP3 preview
    • Added edit/delete links on download page when author (or admin) is viewing it
    • hen editing download, admin can set the number of downloads

    1.5.0 Build 8th Aug 2013

    • Added option to preview documents with Google Docs viewer
    • Added option to add MP3 player preview
    • Installation and changelog tabs are now optional (can be disabled by admin)
    • Added setting to define “Author” label
    • Fixed problem with gravatar in uploader profile

    1.4.2 Build 6th Aug 2013

    • Added disclaimer support
    • Changed name for shortcode “recent updates” to “downloads list”
    • Added “category” option for “top downloads”, “all downloads”, “frequent contributors” widgets/shortcodes
    • Added “sort” (asc/desc) option for “related downloads”, “all downloads” widgets/shortcodes
    • Changed structure of uploader profile to {custom_uploader_slug}/{user_nicename}
    • Downloads listing title can be changed in settings
    • Widget area will not be shown when no widget is added

    1.4.0 Build 25th July 2013

    • Added options to change permalink names from default: cmdownloads, cmdownload, uploader
    • Added option to turn off support panel
    • Added option to turn off slide show
    • Added support for custom permalink structures
    • Changed search param name to avoid conflicts

    1.3.4 Build 18th July 2013

    • Fixed problem with plugin not working correctly with custom permalink structures

    1.3.3 Build 15th July 2013

    • Update CSS and theme related bugs

    1.3.1 Build 11th July 2013

    • Fixed bug with guests not being able to download even with “view moderation” set to “All users”
    • Fixed bug with not being able to delete password protection

    1.3 Build 22th June 2013

    • First Release