CM Download Manager Features

CM Download managerUser Groups

Create user groups to control access to specific files and documents.

CM Download manager1Access Control

Administrator controls setting for access to permission for viewing files and uploading files.

CM Download manager2Moderation

Moderate user posts and permissions in the support forum. Pre-approve posts and uploads by specific users.

CM Download manager3Notifications

The author of a download can receive notifications when support questions are posted.

CM Download manager4Categories

Support for multiple level browsing categories.

CM Download manager5Shortcodes

Embeds a specific download or list of downloads on any page or post using a shortcode.

CM Download manager6BuddyPress

Integrates with BuddyPress to show profile information and download states according to their BP profile.

CM Download manager7Social Login

Users can login with their social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ etc to get access to downloads and post support questions.

CM Download manager8User Profile

Each user has their own profile that contains information about their downloads.

CM Download manager9Log & Statistics

Generates a detailed log report of download statistics according to user profiles. Log information includes also GeoLocation data.

CM Download manager10Disclaimer

Includes a disclaimer that asks users to agree to your terms when they visit your download for the first time

CM Download manager11Customization

Easily customize the look & feel of the downloads template page with your theme.

CM Download manager12Password Protection

Password protect the files you want to be downloaded

CM Download manager13User Dashboard

Users can manage their downloads in a dashboard that lists information about each download

CM Download manager14Support Forum

Includes a support forum for downloads that lets users post questions or support answers for each download

CM Download manager15Localization

Supports UTF-8 characters for translating text into multiple languages.

CM Download manager16Search Downloads

Internal search functions for locating specific downloads on your website.

CM Download manager17Geo-location

Each download event is tracked by the GeoLocation API to provide information about downloader location.

CM Download manager18Audio Player

Embeds an audio player for previewing audio and mp3 files before downloading.

CM Download manager19Video Player

Embeds a video player to preview video of mp4 and other video files prior to downloading

CM Download manager20Google Viewer

Integrates with Google Reader for previews of files before downloading (only for supported files)

CM Download manager21CMDM Template

Customize the style of the CM download manager page template and adjust the plugin’s look and feel.

CM Download manager22Index Page Views

Choose from between 3 different ways to view the Downloads Index page.

CM Download manager23WordPress Multisite

Supports WordPress Multisite functionality.

User Gravatar

User profiles can include Gravatar icons.

Downloads Manager Use-Cases

  • Plugin Directory – Creates a plugin directory that is similar to any other WordPress Plugins Directory.
  • Download Counter – Counts the number of downloads for each download.
  • Support Forum – Supports your users by letting them vote and answer existing topics that relate to each download.
  • Customer Support -Support for retail customer’s questions.
  • File Manager – Support for retail customer’s questions.
  • MP3 and Music File Directory – Manages music downloads and allow users to listen to audio files before downloading.

Downloads Manager Free Version

  • Includes a views count.
  • Includes voting for each download.
  • Includes download categories
  • Includes download categories
  • Built-in support forum for each download.
  • Template can be customized in several ways.
  • Image preview for each download.
  • Filter downloads with an internal search engine.
  • Administrators can the types of file extensions supported.
  • User can track his or her downloads from their user profile.
  • User can receive email notifications on newly submitted support questions.

Downloads Manager Pro Version

Includes all free version features and the following:

General Features & Customization

General Features & Customization

  • Search– Filters search results by date, download type and username. (View Demo)
  • Second level Categories– Support for second level category browsing
  • Multisite– Supports multisite.
  • Localization Support – Frontend (user side) is localized
  • Custom CSS – Ability to inject and control plugin CSS from plugin settings
  • Gratitude Message – Does not include the CMinds Gratitude message in the footer.
  • Permalinks – Ability to change permalink from /cmdownloads to a user d directory. (Image from Settings)
  • Disclaimer – Adds an option to show a disclaimer to first time users. (Image from Settings), (Image from site)

Access Control & Moderation

Access Control & Moderation

  • User Groups Permissions– Set access control based on users groups. Admin can global settings while user can access settings per each download : (View Image 1) (View Image 2)
  • Log Recording – Record every download by registered and non registered users. View log according to download name, user or dates. Export log to csv format. View log details in graph view (View Image )
  • View Restriction– s according to each download whether or not it is open to non-logged in users. If only logged in users are allowed, administrators can also whose user roles can view specific downloads. This can be set by Admin or you can give the user ability to custom their view. (View image)
  • Password Protection– Protects downloads with passwords (View Image), (View Demo)
  • Upload Restrictions– s which user roles can create new downloads. (View Image)
  • Ask User for Email– Option to ask user for his name and email before downloading (View Demo)
  • GeoLocation Support – Support Geolocation information per each download in log

Shortcodes Support

Shortcodes Support

  • Downloads Shortcodes– Integrate specific download in every page or post in site (View Demo)
  • Shortcodes/Widgets– Generates top level contributors list, recent updates, and in most cases, a download items list.
  • Frequent Contributors – CMDM-frequent-contributors Cat=”category-name” sort=”Asc/Desc” count=”5″ ”  (View Image)
  • Downloads List – CMDM-downloads-list Cat=”category-name” sort=”Asc/Desc” count=”5″ ”  (View Image)
  • Related Downloads – CMDM-related-downloads Cat=”category-name” sort=”Asc/Desc” count=”5″ ”  (View Image)
  • Related Downloads– Show Related downloads on the Download page. (View Image), (View Demo)

Download Page Features

Download Page Features

  • [New]Multiple-File Upload– Ability to upload multiple files to download page. Each file can have his own title. The files can be zipped automatic or downloaded separately
  • Integration with MicroPayments– Ability to integrate plugin with CM Micropayment and set a price per each download or upload
  • URL / Shortcode-Allows the inclusion of an external URL or a Shortcode in download page instead of uploading a file. This is useful for integration with other plugins for support with checkout shopping carts and for selling downloads. (Example of EDD integration) , (Example of User Selection), (View Demo)
  • Downloads Page Tabs– Shows more tabs for detailed download descriptions on the Download page, which the admin can control in the settings. (View Demo)
  • View Count – Shows view count for each download and lets you control how the view count is tabulated (by view or by session) (Image from Settings), (Image from Downloads edit screen)
  • Slide Show – Ability to turn off the slide show. (Image from Settings)
  • Downloads Index Views – Option to toggle between a list view, tiles view and category view of your downloads. (View Demo)
  • Social Share – Includes a social share widget in the question page. (View Demo – Widget on the right)

External Viewer

External Viewers

  • External Viewer – Adds external links to Google Docs viewer for supported Google Docs document types. (View Demo)
  • MP3 Viewer – Adds an embedded mp3 player for listening to music files. (View Demo)
  • MP4 Viewer – Adds an embedded mp4 movie player for viewing video files. (View Demo)

Support Forum

Support Forum

  • Support and Tabs control – Ability to remove support forum and also other tabs from the Download page. (Image from Settings)
  • Order Comments – Shows comments on the Download page in either ascending or descending order. (Image from Settings)
  • Moderate User Comments– Administrators can moderate user comments. (View Image)
  • Approve Comments and Answers from Users– Administrators can a list of users who do not need any moderation. (View Image)

User Management

User Management

  • Social Media Registration Integration– Integrates with Facebook & Google+ & LinkedIn, Twitter, Microsoft Live profiles: (View Image 1) (View Image 2)
  • Public User Profile– Automatically generates a public profile page that contains the number of downloads each user has posted with a link to his or her social media profile. (View Image)
  • Gravatar – Ability to show a Gravatar near the user name and in user profile. (View Image)
  • BuddyPress – Integration with BuddyPress profile to show user downloads

Downloads Manager Client Zone Version

Includes the following features over the Pro Edition:

Restricted Customer Zone

Restricted Customer Zone

  • DropBox like solution– Create a DropBox like solution where users can upload files
  • Permissions–  Set restricted file permissions: only the User and the Admin can see the files or send the files directly to specific users

Send and receive files from admin

Send and receive files from admin

  • Admin File control– The admin can send files to specific users or group of users
  • User File control– User can upload files and send them to the admin

Downloads Manager Ultimate Version

Includes the following features over the Pro and Client Zone Edition:

Integration with Micropayments

Integration with Micropayments

  • CM MicroPayments– Integrates with CM MicroPayments plugin.
  • Add virtual coin transaction option– This will support adding a transaction layer to each upload or download. For example when a user downloads a file they then needs to pay X amount of virtual coins

Payment Support

Payment Support

  • Pay with real money– Support paying with real money for downloading or uploading files.
  • Easy Digital Downloads cart system– Payment system is based on Easy Digital Downloads cart system

Registration support

Registration support

  • Create Groups– Support registration of users directly into groups defined by admin.
  • Permissions–  Each group has permission to view files.
  • Shortcodes Support– Registration support includes login and registration shortcodes together with an invitation code system

Anonymous Uploads

Anonymous Uploads

  • Support anonymous uploads of files to the WordPress download manager

Integration with PeepSo

Integration with PeepSo

  • PeppSo Support– Integrates with PeepSo social networks. Let members upload files, create download links and share files between groups

Download visual widgets

Download visual widgets

  • Sidebar Widget– Add visual widgets to the download manager which you can add to your widgets and sidebar

Download Manager PeepSo Integration

Integrates Download manager with PeepSo social network community plugin to allow members to share files with specific members and groups within their social network

User Registration for Downloads

Adds a user registration form to support automatically assigning new registered users to CM Download user groups and applying access restriction to downloads.

Download Anonymous Posting

Allow users to (anonymously) uploads files to CM Download Manager Plugin without the need to login to your wordpress site.

Download Visual Widgets

Add-on for the CM Download Manager Plugin. Offer a set of six visualization tools that will enhance your WordPress downloads by highlighting their tags and categories throughout your website. The visualization tools comes in two forms, widgets and shortcodes

Download BBPress Integration

CM Downloads bbPress Addon allows you to integrate your download page with a bbPress topic.. The bbPress topic can replace the built-in CMDM support forum.

MicroPayments PeepSo Integration

This AddOn for CM MicroPayment and PeepSo supports adding virtual wallet functionality to a PeepSo social network. A new tab will appear on PeepSo members’ profiles to show the user’s wallet and transaction history . Admin can define a bonus currency or charge for posting and other PeepSO related actions. The number of points in the Wallet can also be shown next to the username.

Client Secure Download Zone

This plugin creates a restricted area which users and site managers can use to share and manage files. File downloads support user notifications and statistics. Admins can share files with groups of users and password protect specific files via the download manager.

Download Payments

Support payments for specific downloads using the EDD or WooCommerce cart system. User have to pay first in order to download the file/files associated with the download