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CM Download Manager FAQ

If you have a question about our file sharing plugin, you’re welcome to search this list of frequently asked questions, where hopefully you’ll find what you were looking for.


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Q: One of my users added a new download, but the upload button to attach a screenshot didn’t work. It showed the text “Upload” but the button around it was missing. How can that be?

A: Make sure flash is enabled. Upload button is flash-based

In the plugin setting you have a tab for custom css. This will enable you to change css on the fly. You can also rewrite css in your theme css using the same classes and making sure it loads after the plugin css. Last option is to edit plugin css located in /view/resources but this is not recommended since each time we will update the plugin you will need to review your changes

In the plugin settings you can customize the download page and define which metadata to include. You can also add up to two custom fields.

No. Limitation only exist in the server where your WordPress is installed.. The plugin does not set limitation on file size

The new version of the CM Downloads Manager supports user access groups. You can define a single user or a group of user to have access to selected downloads

Sure. CM Downloads Manager uses post for downloads The downloads pages and are built in a friendly way for search engines. If you are using a sitemap generators please make sure to include the custom post type “Downloads” before rebuilding the sitemap.

To assign each download you do the following
1) In the plugin settings change Who can view downloads? to “Let download author decide”
2) In each download you will than receive an option to define which groups can view this download

Sure. Only users who need to upload or users who want to post a support questions need to log-in. All other users can use it to download files without log-in. You can define access permission per each download or per all downloads in the plugin settings. Access permissions can limit which download is visible for which users.

This is a typical error when permalinks are not set correctly. Please go to Settings-> Permalinks and change it to Post Name

Language files are located under the /lang directory in the plugin. You can take any existing .po file and change the non English description to your custom language. You can then use a po to mo convertor like in here to create the mo file

Here is an example of how the original English text and the translation looks in the po file
05-01-2014 10-36-58

After creating this two files, copy them to the lang directory. You are also welcome to send them to us so we can include them in the plugin pack

Q: When upgrading the Plugin version, Do I just upload from the Dashboard or do I need to delete the older version? I don’t want to loose the data I have collected.

A: Once upgrading the plugin from one version to a newer one, you can delete the old plugin and install from the dashboard the new one. The data will not be erased.

Another method is to upload using ftp but this has a disadvantage ! Since sometime we update the database structure. So make sure you deactivate and activate the plugin after upgrading

All data related to Download Manager is stored in WordPress tables. WP_post wp_postmeta.

Post type for the Download Manager is cmdm_page

Files are stored in the upload directory

You need to use the CMDM-list shortcode. You can use the following attributes:

  • category – category slug
  • sort – sort order (asc/desc)
  • count – maximum number of files to show.

Files will be displayed in default order chosen in the Settings -> Index page.

To display all files in chosen category, add the following shortcode to your page:
[CMDM-list count="999" category="cat-name" sort="asc"]