Downloads Manager Access Control- Managing User & Group Permissions

Downloads Manager Access Control is one of many great features available in the pro+ edition of the CM Downloads Manager. It allows you to group users and assign access permission to download and upload files based on the group settings.

Downloads Manager Access Control settings include the following options:

  • Decide which user groups have full access to downloads
  • Define which users or user groups can upload files without moderation
  • Define which which users or user groups need further review and moderation before being granted permission to download or upload files

Altogether, the Downloads manager access control settings make it 10 times easier to prevent spam and malware.

how to manage and setup user group permissions with CM Downloads manager access control

Creating user groups in the Downloads manager access control settings

The user groups definition settings are accessed using the group management interface in the plugin dashboard. This is where administrators can create multiple groups of users while defining the membership of each group from the list of users from the existing WP users table.

Once these user groups are defined, administrators can then set the permissions for each of these groups, deciding which group of individuals can add upload their own files for download and also which groups can view existing downloads.

the cm downloads manager access control uses wordpress user tables to create groups of users that have permission to access files that you control and moderate.

Administrators can also grant users the option to define which groups are allowed to access the files they upload.

Downloads Manager Access Control