CM Download Manager Guide: Download Manager User Dashboard

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Download Manager User DashboardIf you’re using the CM Download Manager plugin, your user dashboard can be found in the following URL http://your-wp-address/cmdownload/dashboard. The dashboard is displayed in the default theme but this can be changed by editing the CMDM files.

What you can see in your Download manager user dashboard:

The CM Download manager user dashboard consists of a table with five columns:

  • A list of all file ID numbers
  • A column of the file titles
  • The file status of either published or pending approval
  • Number of times that the particular files has been downloaded by the site users
  • Actions column- where you can publish or unpublish a file you’ve uploaded, edit it preferences or delete it

Here’s a replica of an anonymous user dashboard

Download manager user dashboard

User Dashboard

To Learn more about all the awesome features of the CM Downloads manager plugin, please visit the features page.