CM Download Manager Guide: Initial CM Downloads Manager Installation

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Installing CM Download Manager plugin should be as easy to install as any other WP plugin. If you are unfamiliar with plugin installation, you can use this step-by-step guide.

After downloading and installing the plugin on your WordPress site you should log into the admin dashboard and visit the Cm Download Manager settings

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Before starting to use the plugin please check that your server information shows the following: PHP version greater than .5.3, PHP cURL is On, GD support enabled and PHP upload size greater than 1M

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Next step is to set the permalink for the CM Download system, This is done by going to the General Tab in the plugin settings


Next is to define which extensions are allowed


and define the user access settings


Next it to view the Cm Download main page. The link to it is located in the plugin settings


You can now start to manage your downloads and add new downloads to the system


From your downloads dashboard you can add your first download


To upload your first download you need to fill-in all needed information and upload the file

Once finished you can view your download


Here is your first download page