CM Download Manager Guide: Facebook

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This page is no longer maintained

Once you allow Facebook users to authenticate their login with the CM Download Manager plugin they will be able to submit Questions or Answers to the CM Download Manager. This setting can be customized to specifically allow FaceBook authentication within the plugin settings panel. If left this option is left empty, the FB option will not appear.

To register your site with Facebook, the admin must do the following steps.

1. Create Facebook application at


Enter the Display Name for the App, choose a category and press the “Create App” button.


2. Go to the Settings on the left side of the screen.


3. In the Basic tab press the “Add Platform” button below the settings configuration.


4. Select “Website” in the platform dialog.


5. Enter your Site URL, e.g. (without any path). Enter the Mobile Site URL for a mobile version of your website (may be the same URL). In the end press the “Save Changes” button.


6. Press “Show” button next to App Secret on Basic Settings of your App.


Copy the App ID and App Secret.


7. In the plugin settings panel, add these values in the following fields.