CM Download Manager User Guide: Microsoft Live Social Login

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Once you allow Microsoft Live users to authenticate their login with the CM Download manager plugin, they will be able to submit new downloads or view existing once which are only accessible by login users.

This setting can be customized to specifically allow Microsoft Live authentication within the plugin settings panel (the feature required that Curl is enabled. Please check the server information tab). If this setting is left empty, the Microsoft Live option will not appear. To register your site with Microsoft Live , the admin must do the following steps:

    • Create Microsoft Live application at
    • Remember to enter App Domains (your-domain)
    • Make sure that callback URL is set to:
    • Choose option “No” for question of whether application is for mobile devices.

In the plugin settings panel, add these values in the following fields:

This is how to create a Microsoft Live app that can be used with the cm download manager plugin to authenticate contributions by users that have logged in using their Microsoft Live account.